Poole Station (27 Jan 2013)


Hello!  Welcome to this new website which I’ve just set up.  So, what’s it all about…?

A little history: I’m a software developer by trade, a keen photographer and a runner.  All three of these things have come together to create this corner of the Internet, all about stations in Dorset.

In 2011 I set myself a project to take a photograph every day (called a “365″ project).  It didn’t matter what it was of, but I set myself the rule that it had to be taken with a “proper” camera (i.e. not a phone).  You can see the shots here if you’re interested.

As a runner, I have often run up and down the “Castleman Trailway”, and back in 2011 I ran from Ringwood to Broadstone as a training run with my friend Colin.  At school I grew up with an interest in railways and I knew the trailway was mostly the trackbed of an old railway, but it was only on this run that Colin asked about the history.  I told him what I knew – which wasn’t a lot – and that one run respawned my interest.  I started researching on the internet and at the local library, and learning about the Somerset and Dorset railway, the Old Road up to West Moors and onwards and the tracks down to Poole from my home area (Broadstone).

I also came up with the idea of a project – to photograph every train station in Dorset.  So that’s where it started.  Admittedly, as the research grew, I realised that if I included disused railways in Dorset that resulted in quite a few stations!  Still… I like a challenge.

So, this site is the result.  Triggered by a chat on a run, continued through a love of photography and a fascination with railways, and created on the internet with the help of some software skills – welcome to Dorset Stations!

As I write this, I’ve created a WordPress template that does all sorts of clever automatic-ness.  Each page I write contains very basic information, yet what you see is photographs (with dates), maps, links to old maps and revelant information.  There’s a *lot* more information to add, but the template is there.  I’ve added most of the lines in Dorset (I think the Abbotsbury Branch is the only one I’ve missed so far), and lots more photos to upload.  Once this is done, I’m planning on filling out the pages with as much information as I can find on each location with the end goal of this site becoming a great resource for stations in Dorset.

So take a look around and have fun!  Also, please let me know if you find any errors or missing information as the site grows.

And thanks for visiting :)